Sparkling wine from the sea-Valomet

Krk’s tourism owes its success largely to the island’s incredible culinary offer and the hospitality of local people. Make a toast with a glass of Vrbnik Žlahtina, and be sure to take some homemade brandy and dried figs as a farewell souvenir to remind you of the Golden Island.

In 2006, the agricultural community of Vrbnik carried out an experiment by putting sparkling wine bottles into steel-barred chests in the sea, at a depth of 30 metres. In fact, at that depth a temperature of 12 Celsius degrees is constant which is ideal for sparkling wine fermentation.

The ideal location is to be found around half a mile from the coast of Vrbnik where fishermen do not throw their kiddles and nets being a perfect place for providing peace for the bottles.
The results exceeded expectations; the sparkling wine from the sea was much better than that created in the cellar.

Factors that further influence the quality are the semi-darkness, the peace and quiet, and the pressure is higher in a bottle situated under the sea, than it is in a cellar.

The maturity of the sparkling wine created on the seabed is for the time being a unique method in the world. Valomet is made exclusively from Vrbnik’s žlahtina. Normally, sparkling wines are made from at least three different grape varieties of which usually one is red, to which a liqueur is added, liqueur that is usually the closely guarded secret of every single producer. Since Žlahtina is naturally sweet enough, no liqueur is added to the Valomet so that the resulting sparkling wine is completely dry and has no sugar.

Apart from the fermentation method and its excellent quality, it is also unique for its design. The unusual appearance of the bottles with deposited corals and shells is the result of them spending a number of months on the sea bed, and a decision was made to leave this natural design.
Each bottle carries a small handmade tab on which “Sparkling wine Valomet PZ (Agricultural Community) Vrbnik” is written.

Valomet has already been awarded a number of certificates and awards both for its quality and for its appearance or design. 

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