The natural beauty of Baška offers the ideal scenery for different types of outdoor activities. More than 90 km of walking trails, cycling routes and historical and cultural sites give each visitor the opportunity to find an activity for themselves.


The growing trend of engaging in a healthier and more active lifestyle has encouraged the development of an organized approach to active holidays and life in Baška, which we realized through the “Outdoor Map Baška – Punat – Stara Baška” and Outdoor Brochure.


These maps give all those who are eager to explore a thorough overview of the hiking and biking trails of Baška and surrounding areas, thus providing a more fun and informed approach to activities.


Whether it’s a hiking or biking venture, a stroll to St. John’s or the Moon plateau from which you will enjoy unforgettable views, the outdoor maps will help you to take full advantage and experience the many adventures and locations that Baška offers.

For  delivery please contact us by phone or mail:


Baška Tourist Board

+385 51 856 817


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