If you love spending your free time hiking or running in nature,
you’ll be delighted by the 50 kilometres of trails that are offered.

Explore the trails that lead to the quiet town of Porat and the
monastery of Glagolitic friars, or follow the path though Cickini forest
to reach the ruins of the Early Christian church complex that spreads
out over 5000 square metres, as well as many other cultural and
historical monuments whose secrets are safeguarded by the oak forests.

Take a stroll along the coast and its shimmering waters to reach
Njivice, while enjoying the smell of salt in the air, or go inland and
travel all the way to Dobrinj or the town of Krk.

A four-kilometre trail leads from the town centre of Malinska to
Porat, while Njivice can be reached in six kilometres. The most
beautiful trail can be found behind Porat towards Glavotok, in a region
where you can enjoy running on narrow trails in unspoilt nature and
discover hidden beaches and coves, surrounded by the shade of lush

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