The traditional hospitality and kindness of your hosts and the islanders in general will make your choice of accommodation the easiest task in the world. The Golden Island will win you over and you’ll be back again in no time…

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If for your vacation or business meeting you choose one of the large, medium or small family hotels on our island, you will experience the traditional hospitality of your hosts and of all the islanders.

Hotels situated in the proximity of beautiful beaches apart from the basic offer of accommodation services and gastronomy, also offer additional concepts such as entertainment, sports, boat tours and health and beauty centres.

Hotel Adriatic** , Dep.Marina**, Dep. Primorka**

Hoteli Omišalj d.d.

The hotel complex is located in a picturesque, ancient small city on the north-western part of the island of Krk, it is the first village after crossing the Krk bridge and is close to the international airport. Omišalj is a small jewel of construction, situated on an 85-metre-high cliff which has a beautiful view over the Kvarner bay. The hotel complex, located 500 metres from the centre of Omišalj is made up of three facilities situated close to the coastal walking path: the main Hotel Adriatic building, and the Marina and Primorka annexes.

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