Gibonni’s concert  postponed to next year!

It is with great regret that we inform you that Gibonni’s concert, which was supposed to take place on Medane beach in Punat on September 16, has been CANCELED for this year.

After two postponements, we were informed that the organizers (Cepelin Media) decided to move the concert to the summer of next year. As they point out, according to the weather forecast for the last few days, it was certain that it would rain on September 16, and due to the uncertain conditions, the organization decided to postpone the concert anyway.

The organizers will announce the date of the new concert in Krk, which they are planning for June 2024, very soon.

Purchased tickets can be returned through the Entrio system, where they will also be available for sale for the new date.


Foto: Vedran Metelko



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