The Town of Krk: 02 – 15 June 2023
Town of Krk Days: Noticed woman, exhibition of ceramics by Renata Vojnić
Decumanus Gallery
Opening: 02 June 2023 at 08.00 pm
Working hours: Mon. – Sat. 10.00 – 12.00 am; 08.00 – 10.00 pm
Organizer: Center for culture of Krk

Artist Renata Vojnić creates figures of women in ceramics, occasionally combining ceramics with other materials; creates torsos with accentuated feminine curves, enters into the essential of a woman that we have admired since the beginning of times. In addition to female torsos, she also creates complete small figures of women, which communicate different emotional states with their body positions. She also exhibits ceramic masks, women’s faces, but also heads and busts. Nowadays, in many cultures and societies, women are most often presented as objects of desire, dominantly through a male lens, so-called male-gaze. At this exhibition however, we have the opportunity to see the form of a woman from a female angle and the erotic segment of a woman as an attribute of the pleasure of existence, the energy of joy and the flow of life.
The women’s torsos are all in white, the upper part of some are hollow, where she places plants or branches so the merging with nature is emphasized. Each sculpture is unique and special, we see a pregnant woman, then a cyborg woman dominated by technology, then a woman with an empty head, torso of woman wrapped in wire, another one with prominent nipples that stick out in defiance of patriarchal moralizing. The author does not hesitate to show a woman in all her segments, the inspiring energy is visible. She also likes to experiment with types of clay: galestra, terracotta, white and black clay are used with different firing temperatures to obtain unique shades. On the figurines and especially on faces-masks, we can notice the multi-colored and diverse ceramic materials and its glazes: turquoise, blue, orange, brown, gray, some rough, others smooth, in meditative expressions. Most of them with their eyes closed, turned inward and peacefull in their own world, sometimes we see reminiscents of African masks. Heads of women have interesting accessories and inventive ceramic solutions, with holes or intertwined lines, but always with a calm and composed expression.
By depicting the feelings of women through her sculptures, Vojnić invites us to discover and explore these same feelings in ourselves, to question ourselves and our surroundings. Although we all experience emotions, each person is unique and the range and intensity of feelings for everyone can be very different.
A person’s ability to feel a wide range of stimuli from the external and internal world contributes to the richness of life. Art is a wonderful medium for expressing both pleasant and unpleasant feelings, helping us to sublimate and transcend them. With Renata, we see a complex and colorful range of expressions, as well as a great capacity for nuances. Her spirit is open, playful and free. She uses ceramics as a channel for research, reflection on herself and the world, giving us imaginative and creative works with a distinctive expression.