EXHIBITION – Friends of the Sea 2023:
“The Island of Krk: Experience the Heritage “
a series of outdoor exhibitions, held at seven destinations on the island of Krk

For our national identity, it is especially important how we interpret our cultural and historical heritage, how we preserve the old towns and how we manage the space.

Krk is an island of extremely rich cultural and historical heritage which needs to be truly experienced. Cultural monuments date back even to prehistoric times. Thirty outdoor exhibition panels will travel during the summer months to seven attractive locations of this island. Set up in town squares and along the waterfronts, they will take us on a unique visual journey, showing us pictures that are definitely worth seeing.

For each location shown on the exhibition panels, visitors will be able to scan a QR code and connect with the website of the tourist board to which the photo is related. Thanks to the offered multimedia content, the experience will be even more interesting.

The authors presented in the exhibition: Petar Trinajstić i Sanjin Ilić

Exhibition schedule:
Krk: 2. – 16. June
Njivice: 16. – 30. June
Baška: 30. June  – 14. July
Punat: 14. July – 28. July
Šilo: 28. July  – 11. August
Malinska: 11. – 25. August
Omišalj: 25. August  – 8. September 2023. 


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