The Glagolitic script, as a trademark of Baška and much of Baška’s history, is very important for the cultural promotion of Baška. In order to make all our visitors acquainted with the Glagolitic script in the most interesting way, the Society for Culture, Ecology and Tradition “Sinjali” from Baška has initiated the project of the Baška Glagolitic Trail, which was completed in 2009.


The Baška Glagolitic Trail will take you through the winding rocky streets and numerous natural beauties of Baška. It is the best way to discover the stories that shaped our town and the Glagolitic letters, with their priceless cultural significance in our history.


For your discoveries to be interactive and instructive, the Society for Culture, Ecology and Tradition “Sinjali” and the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Baška have created a Guide through the Baška Glagolitic Trail. This guide will introduce you to 35 stone sculptures with engraved Glagolitic letters, as well as the Baka valley along which the sculptures are placed.


Glagolitic alphabet, with the meaning of individual letters and signs, as well as a site plan with the marking of the locations of particular sculptures, will help you in your introduction to this fascinating part of our history.

For delivery of the Guide, please contact us by phone or mail:


Baška Tourist Board

+385 51 856 817

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