The Town of Krk: 01 – 21 September 2023
In Counterpoint
Synergy of the Different, exhibition paintings by Luka Aničić and sculptures by Ivan Valešek

Decumanus Gallery
Working hours: Mon. – Sat. 10.00 – 12.00 am; 07.00 – 09.00 pm
Organizer: Center for culture of Krk

At the exhibition we discover two artists who, in addition to being engaged in fine art, are also excellent musicians. Their musical talent and experience is also recognized in their approach to art. Each of them, in their specific abstract expression, reveal an exceptional sense of rhythm and composition. Although they express themselves with different techniques, Ivan Valušek with sculpture, Luka Aničić with painting, we will see that they have many points of contact. The process and flow of creating is important to both of them, and they are also connected by a certain spontaneity and ease of expression.
Luka Aničić’s abstract painting in its use of multi-layer application of materials, the use of spatulas in specific way, the use of oxides and thicker layers of paint, is on the trail of Enformel. Primary colors dominate, their impasto covers secondary and tertiary mixtures,  blue, red and yellow are most often present, and in rhythmic experimentation with horizontal and vertical movement, they stop in the form of rectangles and/or squares. The author plunges into creation from the impulse to start an internal process, to crystallize his own emotions and thoughts, to invoke a meditative state through which he will rest from “external noise”.
Ivan Valušek masterfully processes the material, builds his abstract compositions calmly and methodically, with elaborate skill. His large iron sculptures, interlaced iron rods that invoke their own organic rebirth are all woven from a system of action and non-action, movement and stopping. Objects, although iron, seem to float, arise from nothing, twist in and out of themselves, seek and feel the way to life. Movement, elegance, lightness coexist in defiance of the weight, ominousness, dark and cold quality of the material. These visual manifestations of movement and growth allude to the double helix structures of DNA; a form that comes to life in the horizontal-spiral rhythm of the dance of life.

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