Family accommodation

The traditional hospitality and kindness of your hosts and the islanders in general will make your choice of accommodation the easiest task in the world. The Golden Island will win you over and you’ll be back again in no time…

If you would really like to experience the authentic and picturesque little villages or towns of the island of Krk and get to know the way of life of local people, learn about natural and cultural sights, family accommodation is the right choice for you.

With a large number of hotels and campsites constantly improved in order to raise their quality, the island of Krk has also been recognized through its offer of family accommodation.
Friendships made here, loyalty of re- visiting guests, some of them of several generations, that is what makes this aspect of accommodation so special.

This resulted in a unique idea of tourist offer under the name of “Kvarner Family”. This brand is awarded to selected apartments, vacation homes, and private rooms of approved quality and ever- rising standard, in the entire area of Kvarner.

Hectic way of life influenced the return to old beginnings when the first tourists were part of everyday life of families they stayed with.
Therefore the demand for this type of accommodation is growing, particularly for houses often located in the hinterland or in rural areas, away from the city hustle and bustle.

The authentic experience of rural and ecological tourism with the local way of life, stories of old fishermen and organic handpicked produce in an almost imaginary environment become reality.
Cosy accommodation complemented by additional features, the peace and quiet interrupted by birds’ chirping or murmur of sea waves- this will provide a true vacation for your body and soul.

On the other hand, apart from rural environment there are apartments and guest houses with rooms to rent.

For more information on private accommodation of the island of Krk, please visit the web locations of local tourist boards:  

Rules and regulations (family accommodation)

LAW ON HOSPITALITY ACTIVITY  (Official Gazette no. 85/July 2015)

A new Law on Hospitality Activity was passed in 2015 and it came into force at the beginning of August 2015. 
The Law prescribes the following: 

Article 1

This Law regulates the manner and the conditions under which physical persons and legal entities may perform a hospitality activity.

Harmonization with EU legislation 

Article 2

With this Law the provisions of Directive 2006/123/EC of European Parliament and Council of 12 December 2006 on services at domestic market (SL L 376, 27.12.2006.) are transposed to the legal order of Republic of Croatia. 

Among others, we would like to point to the following:

Article 30 regulates the Hospitality Services in Households   

  1. 1. Hospitality services in households may be rendered by a physical person- renter.
  2. The renter may be a citizen of Republic of Croatia and other states of European economic area and Swiss Confederation.
  3. The following are covered by the term “hospitality services in households”:
    – Accommodation in rooms, apartments and vacation homes owned by the renter, with up to ten rooms, i.e. 20 beds which number does not include the supplementary beds
    – Providing breakfast, half- board or full board as part of service of accommodation in rooms, apartments and vacation homes. 

Article 31 regulates Minimal Conditions for the Type and Categorization Requirements.
Article 32 covers the Renter’s Obligations.
Article 33 regulates the Stay of Persons in Rooms, Apartments and Vacation Homes Considered as Rendering Hospitality Services in Households.
Article 34 covers Decrees on Approval for Rendering Hospitality Services in Households.

More on Law on Hospitality Activity- Official Gazette 85/July 2015 

“Kvarner Family” educational workshops

The Kvarner Tourist Board, in cooperation with affiliated tourist boards, organises several workshops for private accommodation owners, addressing the most important issues related to the rental of family accommodation. The aim of these workshops is to support renters in their business under the current circumstances and to provide them with all the necessary information for the upcoming tourist season.

Kvarner Family

Kvarner Family: hospitality with guaranteed quality

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