Krk taverns, restaurants and prosciutto

Krk’s tourism owes its success largely to the island’s incredible culinary offer and the hospitality of local people. Make a toast with a glass of Vrbnik Žlahtina, and be sure to take some homemade brandy and dried figs as a farewell souvenir to remind you of the Golden Island.

Krk's taverns and restaurants

Along with the great Krk olive oil, Krk cheese and high quality fish and lamb, the island of Krk can be proud of the numerous authentic taverns and good restaurants. Kind hosts offering a pleasant atmosphere and traditional food made following family recipes will turn a visit to one of Krk’s taverns into a real taste experience. Should you wish to have lunch with more dishes and excellent service, visit one of Krk’s numerous restaurants.
In fact, restaurateurs in Krk try as much as possible, to include seasonal ingredients in their menus , and will therefore offer you young Krk lamb, wild asparagus, Krk šurlice, dishes based on the extra virgin olive oil or a special ingredient – figs!

Enjoy your meal!!

Kvarner Food

 The Kvarner Food label stands for the food establishments such as konobas, bistros, taverns and restaurants boasting a cosy interior with ethno-style ambiance, and offering traditional dishes made from fresh local ingredients such as fish, shrimps, lamb, cheese, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, wild aromatic herbs, Krk prosciutto, šurlice (handmade pasta) and homemade olive oil. All these pair perfectly with the Vrbnik Žlahtina wine made from the native variety of white grapes, also used to produce the world’s unique Valomet sparkling wine, fermented in the sea depths.

To be awarded the Kvarner Food quality label, a restaurant needs to score a minimum of 75 out of 100 points according to the criteria prescribed for the offer, interior and staff.

The Kvarner Food Plus label is given to the restaurants with a minimum of 90 points.

There is also a new quality label called Dog Friendly, introduced for the dog-welcoming Kvarner Gourmet and Kvarner Food establishments.

Be sure to visit the region’s open-air markets, and for the ultimate dining experience stop by some of the Kvarner Food establishments…

Kvarner Gourmet

In terms of the number of top restaurants squeezed into a small area, Kvarner has been at the forefront of Croatia’s gourmet scene for years.

Finding the perfect balance between the traditional and modern requires a unique philosophy: top quality meals can only be made from top quality ingredients, and this is what makes the restaurants awarded with the Kvarner Gourmet label so special.

Such restaurants need to meet all the prescribed criteria regarding the offer, staff and interior, and those satisfying additional requirements are awarded either the Kvarner Gourmet 2 Scampi or the Kvarner Gourmet 3 Scampi labels.

Enjoy our one-of-a-kind Kvarner Gourmet restaurant with an innovative approach to preparing traditional dishes…

House of Krk Prosciutto Žužić

vl. Vjekoslav Žužić

Konoba Luce

Konoba Žlahtina

Prosciutto manufacturing facility Gospoja

Restaurant and hotel Villa Margaret

Porat 25, 51 511 Malinska

Restaurant Gospoja

Restaurant Marina

Restaurant Mulino

Restaurant Nada

Restaurant Primorska koliba

Restaurant Rivica

Restaurant Vila Rova

Restaurant Žal

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