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Cultural and historical heritage

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We could say that the island of Krk is more than rich with historical monuments. And their content is known from prehistoric times to the present.

In addition to expanding its outdoor recreation offer, the Tourist Board would like to introduce visitors to the island’s rich cultural and historical heritage and a number of exceptional cultural events. With this in mind, it has printed a tourist map of Krk’s cultural attractions and set up an interactive and multimedia digital map (, and this year it will also be available in mobile app form.

The island’s cultural heritage project covers the following topics: the period of Antiquity, historical castle towns, Glagolitic heritage centres, Krk – the birthplace of Croatian literacy, and the residence of the Frankopan counts.

Launched in 2016, the Cultural Heritage of the Island of Krk project continued throughout 2017 in cooperation with the Industrial Heritage Centre of the University of Rijeka. It presents a comprehensive overview of the island’s cultural and artistic heritage through interactive multimedia techniques.

The digital map covers some 50 cultural heritage sites, which have been catalogued and presented on The related information can now be downloaded to mobile phones, which makes visiting a lot easier. Once you confirm your location, you can choose a trail to visit churches, monasteries and fortresses, with a guide or on your own.

Since 2022 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, our aim is not only to help visitors and history lovers learn more about the island’s cultural attractions but also to boost its cultural identity by making use of modern technology.

Project participants:
Project manager: Industrial Heritage Centre, University of Rijeka
Editors: Ivana Golob Mihić, Kristina Pandža 
Text authors: Ema and Matija Makarun
Design and IT expert: Ljiljana Brusić
Photographer: Ivica Brusić – Brujo
Proof-reader: Gordana Ožbolt
Translator: Jana Kegalj
Application developers: Ivan Ćaleta-Car, Milan Trbojević, Ivan Zubak


Take a virtual walk at

With the help of the latest web VR technology and aerial filming, the Island of Krk Tourist Board has put together a virtual walk around the island in an effort to present its destinations and the nearby area in an innovative and interactive manner.

We want to offer visitors a new and different experience of exploring what Krk has to offer by showcasing its natural, historical, cultural and gastronomic attractions. They can take a virtual walk on all types of devices, from a PC to a smartphone or a tablet, and there is also an option to use a pair of VR glasses.



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