Traditional dishes from Krk

Krk’s tourism owes its success largely to the island’s incredible culinary offer and the hospitality of local people. Make a toast with a glass of Vrbnik Žlahtina, and be sure to take some homemade brandy and dried figs as a farewell souvenir to remind you of the Golden Island.

Traditional dishes from Krk

Meat dish with vegetable side-dish 

Šurlice with lamb goulasch

Necessary ingredients (for 6 people):
Flour1 kg
Water and saltto taste
Home-made cheese0,2 kg

How to do it

Take the flour, eggs, salt and water and knead them into a solid dough. Then roll it out and cut it into pieces of around 100g, and using your hands and a knitting-needle, roll it so as to form a 8-10 cm long šurlica (kind of pasta). Carefully remove the needle so that it remains empty in the middle. Dry it slightly, and then cook it in previously boiled, salted water until it becomes soft. Note: Šurlice are a favourite meal on the island of Krk, and no celebration or wedding could be conceived without them. Šurlice are prepared with beef, veal or mutton žvacet (traditional sauce). Home-produced sheep’s milk cheese is used in enormous amounts to give the dish its wonderful taste..

Lamb žvacet

Necessary ingredients (for 6 people)
Lamb2 kg
Onion0,45 kg
Fresh tomatoes0,15 kg
Oil0,18 l
Garlic4 cloves
Wine2 dcl
Parsley, salt, pepper

How to do it

Stew the cut lamb on the onion with the garlic, tomato, parsley and spices. Water should be added when necessary together with a little flour and wine at the end, decide how much sauce you need and taste it. Cook the šurlice and put them into a bowl, add the sauce and cheese and finally meat.
Polenta can also be used as a side dish

Sardine and potato casserole

Ingredients (8 servings):
Sardines2 kg
Potatoes3 kg
Fresh tomatoes0,30 kg
Olive oil0,20 l  
White wine0,30 l 
Garlic1 clove
Bay leaves2 pcs
A handful of finely chopped parsley
Salt, pepper
Rosemary or marjoram leavesoptional

How to do it

Place the gutted and cleaned sardines on a tray to allow excess liquid to drain. Peel and wash the potatoes, then cut into approximately half-centimetre thick slices. Finely chop garlic and parsley.

Slightly oil a deep baking tray and place a layer of sliced potatoes on the bottom, followed by a layer of sardines. Add finely chopped parsley and garlic, sprinkle with the above listed seasonings and pour some wine and water on top. Continue until you have reached the top of the tray. Finish with the potato layer and place the tray into the oven (the dish can be cooked with foil or lid on top). Serve warm or cold, as the main course or an appetiser.


Sweet dishes

Presnac (Presnec-Presnoc)

Ingredients necessary for creating the mixture
Young sheep’s milk cheese1 kg
Sugar0,25 kg
Flour0,10 kg
Egg yolks
Lemon peel, vanilla sugar to taste     
Ingredients necessary for making the dough
Flour0,25 kg
Sugar0,05 kg
Margarine0,05 kg
A pinch of salt

How to do it

Knead the dough in a way similar to macaroni with 250g of flour, 50g of sugar,50g of margarine or butter, 1 egg, a pinch of salt and form it into a flat cake, leave it to one side for a while and then roll it into a circle as big as a metal plate or two smaller plates and about 30% of the width. This dough is used as a cowl in which the cheese mixture is wrapped.

Making the mixture

Grate the young cheese, mix the sugar and egg yolks, add the spices, cheese and flour, slowly blend it and put it into a prepared pastry dish, match it up and close the edges, and pinch it every 5 cm distance in order to decorate it, and cut the dough into a circle on a wooden board.

The type of presnac is baked in an oven at a average temperature until it is golden brown. Then sprinkle the sugar over it and serve it cold. This is a famous dessert pastry on the island of Krk which is prepared in almost every village on the island according to a similar recipe

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