Malinska, an area on the island of Krk which did not have a settled, castle centre. The whole area is known as Dubašnica and is located in the western part of the island. At the same time, it is the only part of the island of Krk for which we know the exact period it was inhabited.

In fact, Dubašnica and its southern part, almost to the city of Krk was almost without permanent settlers until the 15th century. The area’s name comes from the name of an oak tree, and there are dense forests and pastures located here together with some cultivated land. Even before the 12th century Dubašnica was mainly part of the area of Omišalj, although part of it was under the rule of the city of Krk.

Malinska, as the centre of Dubašnica, was once an island port for the export of wood, and a favourite tourist destination for the Viennese aristocracy. In the 15th century it was mentioned as an anchorage point where boats sheltered during the period of strong winds, especially the strong jugo wind. When the first steamship arrived in Malinska in 1866, the port for the export of wood became a climatic healing point thanks to its mild climate with around 260 days of sun per year. Today it is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations on the island, thanks to its beaches and hotel industry and because of its family tourism.

Close to Malinska is Porat, a quiet village whose inhabitants once lived from fishing, which today has been taken over by tourism as a main source of income. The name of the village comes from the Italian word porto which means port.

The third order Glagolitic Franciscan Monastery can be found in Porto. The Monastery consists of a museum with a sacral collection and valuable items, evidence of popular life and tradition of this area.
Close to the already mentioned Monastery is the St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Early Christian church complex in forest “Cickini” in Malinska

Early Christian church complex is located in the forest Cickini, in the vicinity of Sveti Vid Miholjski in Municipality Malinska- Dubašnica. It covers an area of about 5,000 m2. According to the expert evaluations, it originated between 5th and 7th century. Within this complex there are the church and remains of some other objects with a baptizing well. Research of this complex hiding the secrets from distant history started in 2002.
During the research numerous remains were found, such as the capital from the support of altar partition from 5th century, part of altar partition from 6th century and many other artefacts that have been conserved in a professional way.

Accommodation in Malinska by categories

Camp Draga *

Hotel Adria ***

Hotel Blue Waves Resort ****

Hotel Malin ****

Hotel Pinia Porat ****

Hotel Vila Rova ****

Hotel Villa Margaret ****

Luxury Hotel Riva *****

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