Omišalj is a village in the bay of Rijeka, which can be seen from all the parts of the city. Situated at 85 metres above sea level, on the north-western part of the island of Krk, it dominates the almost three kilometre-long bay. This kind of privilege was particularly interesting even for its prehistoric inhabitants, as Omišalj has existed for more that 10 thousand years.

On the opposite side of the Ert peninsula, which from the south-western part surrounds the bay, the Fulfinium, together with the Kurikum (Krk) which was then the second most important island settlement which were most probably erected during Roman times; Legend has it that it disappeared during the period of the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century or some time later. Omišalj itself was mentioned for the first time in 1153. Today, as one of the oldest towns on the island, Omišalj is an important glagolitic and cultural centre.

The winding rocky streets of the old city centre and the compact line of houses, conserve a valuable cultural and historical heritage. A good start for getting to know Omišalj’s heritage is certainly the local Lapidarij, a small collection of rock monuments which provide visitors with a thorough access to Omišalj’s history.
Apart from its cultural and historical heritage, part of the offer is given by the hotels, guest houses, campsites, private accommodation together with the restaurants and taverns with their rich gastronomical offer.
A conserved old tradition and an important celebration is held on the eve of the catholic holiday of the Assumption of Mary “Stomorina” – a dance between young men and women who raise a flag with a crown on the top on the town square. 

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