The traditional hospitality and kindness of your hosts and the islanders in general will make your choice of accommodation the easiest task in the world. The Golden Island will win you over and you’ll be back again in no time…

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The island of Krk´s campsites situated on the most beautiful island locations, close to the sea, with unique views and in extremely natural environment. The quality of the camping facilities, organised sanitary blocks, good provisions, availability and hospitality, are their main characteristics.

Aminess Atea Camping Resort ****

Aminess Atea Camping Resort is situated close to the village of Njivice. This, once fishermen’s and olive and fig producer’s village is spread over the gentle coast covered in the shade of a dense forest.

Baška Beach Camping Resort ****

Baška Beach Camping Resort is situated close to the 1800 m long Vela plaža pebble beach, in the centre of Baška which has a unique view over the surrounding islands and the mainland coast. Part of the camp is situated right on the beach. Should you book your accommodation, a place will be waiting for you, just a short distance from the sea.

Bunculuka Camping Resort ****

The Bunculuka Naturist camp is situated in a romantic bay, surrounded on one side by rocks and Mediterranean scrub-land vegetation, and on the other by a crystal clear sea which gently connects with the white beach. The irresistible call of nature, a return to your roots, with the adventurous rhythm of time counted by the wind, the summer and waves.

Camp “Holidays homes Kanajt” **

Camp Draga *

Camp Maslinik **

The Maslinik camp is situated in the Punat valley under the green olive trees whose branches, become full of juicy fruits and fall towards the terrain at the end of the summer . A common area can be found in the camp with a veranda where you can satisfy your palate with meals prepared on the outdoor barbecue.

Camp Omišalj *****

Newly renovated camp Omišalj is located by the coastline not far from the city of Omišalj, in a quiet bay Pušća. If You are looking for a place for luxury holidays in natural surroundings – camp Omišalj is the perfect place for You!

Camp Pila ***

The Pila camp is located in the centre of the village of Punat, under green pines shading the hot summer sun. It is separated from the beach, situated near the camp fence, only by a promenade full of aromatic Tamarisk. Walking along the promenade you will come to the centre of the village where you can spend some very pleasant evenings.

Camp Punta Jerta

Camp Tiha ***

A rich accommodation offer in the Tiha Šilo campsite will satisfy even the most demanding guest. Luxurious, excellently equipped mobile homes are furnished in the Mediterranean style, with a special area provided for campers – passers-by, with arranged lots under the shade of pine trees are just part of the attractive offer. The Tiha Šilo campsite also offers apartments with terraces facing the sea and providing peace and comfort for every guest.

Camping Marta

Mini camp Marta is located in the western part of the island, located 1.4km frombeautiful sandy beach, accompanied with all the amenities and freeparking. The camp offers a quiet family atmosphere, surrounded by lush grapes and fig trees.

Camping Bor ***

The Bor camp is situated close to the centre of the city of Krk and just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Surrounded by an ancient dry-stone wall, penetrated by the fragrances of aromatic plants which give the impression of a real island atmosphere.

Camping Glavotok ***

The Glavotok camp is situated on the west coast of the island of Krk, in the area known as šotovento (it. sottovento which means under the wind) where a beautiful hundred-year old oak tree forest connects it to the crystalline sea and provides a beautiful experience of untouched nature. 

Camping Mali

The Mali camp site is located close to Baška’s beach. It has 22 lots, a sanitary block, a children’s playground, and nearby there is a sports and recreational centre too.

Camping Slamni ****

Hotel & Resort Isola *****

Ježevac Premium Camping Resort ****

The Ježevac camp is situated right on the sea shore. Just few minutes’ walk and you will find yourselves in the centre of the city of Krk. The unique bond of nature and the urban centre offers fitting accommodation all those who as well as enjoying nature, also like to enjoy the cultural heritage of a village.

Konobe Naturist camp **

The Konobe naturist camp is situated just 3 km from Punat. It extends over mild slopes in the protected bay from which terraces have formed with a magnificent view over the sea and the islands of the Kvarner bay.

Krk Glamping Village *****

Krk Premium Camping Resort *****

Located on the island of Krk, Croatia’s newest family-friendly eco campsite is the result of extensive upgrades and exciting additions to the former Naturist Camping Politin. Expect 4-star quality in a pleasant setting, just a short stroll from the historic centre of Krk.

Mini camp Marušina ****

Campsite Marušina Olive Hills is located on the island of Krk, in the quiet and sheltered Puntarska draga bay, near the town of Punat.
Immersed in the green Mediterranean vegetation and surrounded by olive trees, the campsite offers accommodation for campers with tents and small caravans.
As part of an agritourism, it offers its guests traditional island products such as olive oil, homemade sausages, wine and sheep cheese.

Mobile Homes Residence Ulika

Škrila Sunny Camping ***

The Škrila camp is situated close to Stara Baška on the terraced limestone area, in the shade of pine trees. Across the rocky, pebble and sandy beach you will step into the clear sea. When you take a peek into the magic underwater atmosphere , you will know that you have found heaven on earth.

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