The Krk Island Tourist Board came up with a new idea on how to additionally promote the island and its destinations: through a 4D postcard and an app to go with it!

The 4D postcard is the work of Prof. Krešimir Ećimović (BSc in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Traffic Engineering), who mentored a number of projects that received awards at various international invention and innovation fairs. In cooperation with the Krk Island Tourist Board, Ećimović developed a unique support app.

The 4D postcard is a mobile app that upgrades the ‘old-fashioned’ postcard and introduces it to the digital world through augmented reality (AR). Owing to a 3D model view, the 4D postcard allows its recipient to have a virtual walk through the sender’s destination for a truly authentic experience. What an invitation to visit the island of Krk!

This innovative promo product brings an additional value and is bound to attract more guests. It offers them information in a user-friendly, modern and interactive way, through augmented reality and virtual walks, boosting their trust and satisfaction.




The 3D model view and virtual walks are backed by useful info and fun facts about the destination of stay and other attractive locations.


You can get your 4D postcard from the Krk Island Tourist Board, located at Trg sv. Kvirina 1, 51500 Krk.


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